Become a model

OPTION | Model and Media is always looking for the next amazing model, whether it be for fashion, catalogue, sport or kids. We look for models with varied ethnic backgrounds, interesting facial features, various heights and different body types, from lean and fit for fashion to muscular and athletic for sport. In addition to to having an interesting face and fit body, being professional, punctual, prepared and personable are equally important to a model attributes. Previous experience is not a requirement.

The modeling industry does have a set of physical standards known as sample sizes. For women, most catalogue clients like 5'9'' or 5'10'' that are a size 4/6, but most "show" clients book a size 2 or 2/4. For men, it's typically 6'0''-6'2'' tall and a 40R - 42L jacket. Clients pull clothing off the rack for photo shoots, do not allow for growth or shrinking in the wash.

We are seeking people that fit these parameters:

- Height: 5'8"-6'
- For teens: ages 12-15, we will accept 5'7"-5'11"
- Must be a dress sizes: 2, 4, 6/8
- Lifestyle women: ages 28 and up, must be at least 5'4"
Plus: size 12+; ages 14 and up
'Tweens: ages 12+, not at 5'7" yet, at least a size 7 shoe and still growing

- Height: 6'0" - 6'3"
- For teens 16-18 we will accept 5'11"
- Men: Must be a 40R-42L jacket size
- Lifestyle men: ages 28 and up, must be at least 5'10"

Please forward a submission of photos and stats only if you have a serious interest in modeling. We need to know your height and clothing size, in addition to your photos.
A friend or family member can shoot these for you with a digital camera. These ''digital polaroids'' should include:
- a smile headshot
- a no smile headshot
- a 3/4 shot
- a full length shot
If you are female, wear a two piece swim suit and be sure to take a second set with your hair pulled back in a pony tail. For males, one set must include a shot of you in shorts only. We ask for the swim suit and shorts only photos because we book with many sporting companies.

Email us at Be sure to include name, cell phone, height, measurements, clothing size, a set of digital polaroids and the name(s) of your parent(s) or guardian(s) if you are under the age of 18.

Option Model and Media has a high volume of emails and phone calls daily. We ask that you do not follow-up regarding your submission. Please know that if we are interested in representing you or your child, we will call or email you shortly after your email is received. If you do not hear from us within a few days of receipt, OPTION is not the right agency for you at this time.

OPTION does not charge a fee for representation and are we not a school. We generate revenue by charging an agency fee, or commission, for the use of our models in print, show and on-camera bookings. This fee is applicable to all rates we negotiate for the work we secure for our models and actors. This is an industry standard throughout the world. We offer a word of caution when looking for an agency to represent you. Beware of agencies that charge any start up fees for representation, polaroids, or that require you to fulfill a series of classes.