Become a Kid model

Thank you for considering Option!

We are looking for children sizes 9 months- who can sit-up unassisted, to kids size 10/12 with varied ethnic backgrounds. Please bear in mind our clients are looking for a specific look and clothing fit.

Please forward a submission of current stats and photos only if you have a child with an outgoing personality; shy is a four-letter word.

To assess your child’s marketability we need to know their height (flat footed), “true” clothing size, shoe size, and date of birth.

The photos (which do not need to you professional) in your submission should include the following:

* smile headshot

* no smile headshot

* 3/4 shot

* full length shot

Please no hats, no jewelry, no accessories (e.g., headbands), and have your child looking their personal best.

Email your child’s current stats and photos to Please know that if we are interested in representing your child we will contact you upon receipt of your email. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours Option is not the right agency for you at this time.