• FEES: Fees negotiated on project basis. Buyouts and usage to be negotiated separately. A service charge of twenty percent (20%) will be added to all Talent fees, use fees and renegotiated fees. 

• CANCELLATION POLICY: On confirmed bookings;  within 24 hours, FULL FEE. Within 48 hours, HALF FEE.

• USAGE: All rights granted are contingent upon receipt of all fees including agency service charges. Usage fees must be negotiated for billboards, posters, packaging, POP's, national retail/magazine advertisements, international usages, FSI's stills for television/film, broadcast local or national, web usage, exclusivity, and use of actual names and or other specialized uses.

• RELEASES: Talent may not be asked to sign a release without the Agency's permission. Any release signed without Agency permission or consent will be considered void. Releases are valid upon receipt of payment including usage fees and service charges.

    • CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY: Provide agency with complete billing information prior to the booking, including usage. Provide agency with exact wardrobe requirements, shoot location, time and date. When booking weather permit, specify weather conditions. Client or Talent should report any complaints promptly during the course of the booking. Complaints will not be considered in retrospect. 

    • If you are a first time client, OPTION may request a credit card payment of entire invoice to establish payment history. If invoice is at or less than $500, OPTION requires a credit card to be held and charged in the event of nonpayment. Credit card payments will be processed through our accounting office. Otherwise, OPTION will collect model vouchers and issue an invoice that is to be paid within 21 days of receiving the billing.  If you are paying your invoice(s) with a VISA or MC, a minimum 3.5% bank processing fee will be aded to the billing total.